Evaluation and Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women

Evaluation and Treatment of Sexual Health Problems


In addition to a detailed history and physical examination, we perform doppler ultrasound evaluation as well as blood tests that may help diagnose the problem.



Some of the treatments we offer:

Evaluation of erectile dysfunction (E.D.)

Penile doppler ultrasound evaluation

Inflatable penile prosthesis insertion (penile implant insertion)

Penile implant revisions

Penile injection therapy for erection

Intraurethral medication (Muse) for erection

Vacuum erection therapy

Penile rehabilitation after prostate surgery

Peyronie's injection therapy

Peyronie's surgery

Medication and behavioral therapy for premature ejaculation

Evaluation for hypogonadism (low testosterone)

Testosterone injection therapy and training on self-administration

Testopel testosterone implants

Testicular prosthesis implants